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  • Est. Regist./Booking Time: 00:01 Hours

Service / Consultation Fee (OMR/HOUR):Free



For both Service Providers and Clients;

  • Are you looking for a professional service with high quality, fast delivery and at a competitive price?
  • Are you looking to work more flexible?
  • Do you struggle to find workforce when it comes to do a specialized work, short term, part time or contract type of work?
  • Are you ready to invest and share your knowledge and work experience with your customers and the rest of the community?
  • Do you care about ICV?
  • Is assessment, development and training of your work force among the priorities of your organization?
  • Does your organization use a meaningful set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide businesses with insights into how well it’s performing?
  • Is work-life balance time mode a priority to you?
  • Is new technology, (software, management systems, processes & tools) are vital to your business?

SP Booking Guidelines

  • Navigate to SP Booking Page
  • Select and click the correct SP category
  • Check the SP profile and other related information
  • Choose the preferred SP from the category, if there is more than one SP available
  • Press/click the SP "REGISTER/BOOK" Button
  • Enter the required information into the SP booking form and press "SUBMIT" button
  • Choose your payment method
  • Complete you order by clicking “PLACE ORDER” button
  • The system will generate and send out an automatic email to confirm the order submission
  • Once the order is confirmed with the selected SP, an email will be sent out to client and SP to pay the introduction fees
  • Once payment is confirmed, client and SP can start communicating to arrange for having an introduction

SP Booking