The category of "Human Resources - HR" is a wide range of activities, including but not limited to review resumes/CVs and job applications, Job description, interviews, assessments, learning & development. The SP will have the capabilities to do more than whist’s mentioned under this category. For more details, please click the on the SP name above.

  • Category: Human Resources (HR)
  • Est. Regist./Booking Time: 00:05 Hours
  • Address: Muscat, Oman (Map)

Service / Consultation Fee (OMR/HOUR):50



SP / Client Free introduction

Name: ZD.A.SHK. 61ffdb991e09d

Main Focus Area: The SP in the "Human Resources - HR" category will have the capabilities to work on Review resumes and job applications, Job description, interviews, assessments, learning & development, coaching/training, Review/update or develop new HR documents (polices / standards) - compensation & benefits, staff succession planning & job matching, Change Management, public speech, Industrial relations, translation services as well as interpreting, editing and proofreading.

Existing type of employment: Self-employed

Number of years since last employed: 23

Existing / Previous Job Management Level: Middle management

Professional Experience: Human Resource Development, Training, Change Management, Consultancy on human capital, Training Bag Design, Public speaking and presentation.

Skills & Competencies

  • Training
  • Training Bag Design
  • Persuasion
  • Public speaking

Qualification: Master Degree (MSc)

Place of Domicile: Muscat

Work preference & Max. distance to work site from domicile: On-site/Online unlimited mileage

 DoB: 1973


  • Please click BOOK/REGISTER button and fill in the form.
  • Clients are requested to check and verify the SP's profile prior to the selection of SP and ensure it meets their requirements.
  • The selected SP's contact details will be sent to the client via email once registration/booking fees is paid.
  • The introduction (max. 1 hour) is free of charge for all clients and does not bind to hire the SP.
  • A contract/agreement between the two parties shall be generated immediately and signed by both parties after the work assignment has been agreed during the introduction.
  • For every genuine and agreed work assignment, TAF will charge a fee of double the hourly rate stipulated in the SP Registration Form, shared 50% between the SP and the client.
  • The SP will invoice directly the client according to the contract/agreement terms and conditions. No fees or a turnover commission is paid to TAF.
  • The hourly rate of the SP is as indicated in the application. Other expenses, if any, have to be agreed during the introduction.
  • Clients must commit to having an actual project/work assignment and TAF must be informed if additional SP is required for the same project.

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