The category of "Operation & Maintenance" is a wide range of activities, including but not limited to review/update production operation documents & procedures, lead/participate in design reviews, HAZOP, IPF, HAZID, surface facilities. The SP will have the capabilities to do more than whist’s mentioned under this category. For more details, please click the on the SP name above.

  • Category: Operation & Maintenance
  • Est. Regist./Booking Time: 00:05 Hours
  • Address: Muscat, Oman (Map)

Service / Consultation Fee (OMR/HOUR):30



SP / Client Free introduction

Name: SH.SLM. 62016e498f69f

Main Focus Area: The SP in the "Operation & Maintenance" category will have the capabilities to work on the review/update of Production operation documents & procedures, lead/participate in design reviews, HAZOP, IPF, HAZID, surface facilities, terminal and offshore operations, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical, Commissioning & start-up, integrity & inspection, production chemistry, static equipment & pipeline, rotating equipment, Turnaround, Facility Shutdown, Integrated Activity Planning.

Existing type of employment: Self-employed

Number of years since last employed: 3

Existing / Previous Job Management Level: Middle management

Professional Experience: Acquired 37 years’ experience in PDO, the major E&P operating company (Oil, Condensate and Gas) in Oman. The 37 years of experience, and expertise were mostly in the field of maintenance, operation, and Integrated Activity Planning. Have been Involved and lead various fields in Maintenance disciplines and Integrated Activity Planning. Went through various training relating to Maintenance Discipline and IAP and Turnaround.

8 years as PDO Integrated Activity Planning - IAP Corporate Discipline Head (Manager) with key responsibilities to ensure Omani staff are developed to meet high technical standard in Planning (IAP), develop best practice standards and codes to meet ever growing PDO complex facilities, Customized planning tools to deliver world class Integrated Activity Planning and Shutdown Management with multiple and complex facilities; 7 years as Asset Planning Lead; 4 years as Operation Area Coordinator responsible for production operation and maintenance; 6 years Production Supervisor responsible for oil production; 8 years Instrumentation Supervisors responsible for maintenance of control and automation instrumentation.

Skills & Competencies

  • Integrated Activity Planning and Scheduling 
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Operation support
  • Shutdown & Turnaround

Qualification: Degree in Electrical and Communication Engineer, UK

Place of Domicile: Muscat

Work preference & Max. distance to work site from domicile: Onsite/Online up to 200Km

DoB: 1959


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  • Clients are requested to check and verify the SP's profile prior to the selection of SP and ensure it meets their requirements.
  • The selected SP's contact details will be sent to the client via email once registration/booking fees is paid.
  • The introduction (max. 1 hour) is free of charge for all clients and does not bind to hire the SP.
  • A contract/agreement between the two parties shall be generated immediately and signed by both parties after the work assignment has been agreed during the introduction.
  • For every genuine and agreed work assignment, TAF will charge a fee of double the hourly rate stipulated in the SP Registration Form, shared 50% between the SP and the client.
  • The SP will invoice directly the client according to the contract/agreement terms and conditions. No fees or a turnover commission is paid to TAF.
  • The hourly rate of the SP is as indicated in the application. Other expenses, if any, have to be agreed during the introduction.
  • Clients must commit to having an actual project/work assignment and TAF must be informed if additional SP is required for the same project.

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