The category of "Materials, Corrosion & Inspection - MCI" is a wide range of activities, including but not limited to providing inputs to project, support other disciplines-subsurface, engineering, pipelines, static/rotating equipment, water management. The SP will have the capabilities to do more than whist’s mentioned under this category. For more details, please click the on the SP name above.

  • Category: Materials, Corrosion & Inspection (MCI)
  • Est. Regist./Booking Time: 00:05 Hours
  • Address: Muscat, Oman (Map)

Service / Consultation Fee (OMR/HOUR):65



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Name: NR. IBM. 631ed507a015e 

Main Focus Area: The SP in the "Materials, Corrosion & Inspection - MCI" category will have the capabilities to work on process chemistries, degradations mechanisms, corrosion mitigation methods, corrosion monitoring techniques, and their impact on equipment and piping systems, material evaluation & selection for engineering projects’, review of materials and corrosion engineering design with recommendations, review of material selection to ensure compliance with company standards, provide specialized consultancy service in materials and corrosion engineering, evaluation & approval of new materials and corrosion monitoring techniques including expand the envelope of currently used non-metallic materials, responsible for maintaining/updating materials and corrosion standards.

In reality, the roles and responsibilities of corrosion and materials engineers are extensive. Not only are they relied upon for corrosion and material expertise, but they also have to be knowledgeable about nondestructive examination methods, inspection planning, corrosion inhibitors, protective coating selection, cathodic protection, corrosion control strategies, risk-based inspection, integrity management system, process safety management, corrosion monitoring and inspection etc.

Existing Type of Employment: Freelancing

Number of years since last employed: +30

Existing / Previous Job Management Level: Senior/Top management

Professional Experience: Over 30 years of experience in energy sector (Oil & Gas industry - PDO) with area of expertise within the Material engineering, material selection, material testing, corrosion management and control, material Integrity Evaluation, Pipeline Integrity management, Quality Management, Plant Inspections, Inspection Audits, and Welding / NDT. Internationally renowned professional in the world of Material and Corrosion management, major contributions to the business and industry for improving life cycle cost of projects as well as increasing the equipment availability and improving technical integrity of facilities. Operated at Highest Technical Authority for over 17 years for material selection, corrosion control, pipeline integrity management and static equipment inspection and integrity management. Taken a number of leading roles during the past 30 years on QA/QC and inspection, pipeline maintenance, material engineering and of Material integrity Consultancy. 

Professional Recognition & Participation by the International Community Including;

  • A member of ISO 14692 The Glass reinforced thermoplastic System
  • A member of the GRE jointer and Fitter certification Committee run by DnV.
  • Received a number Chairman award for excellence including material selection for sour service application, expansion of GRE material for high pressure and High temperature
  • Participated in a number of Technical Committee Groups in NACE International such as:
  • STG08 Corrosion Management
  • STG10 Non-metallic Material of Construction
  • STG30 Oil & Gas Production – Cathodic Protection
  • STG 32 Oil & Gas Production - Metallurgy

Courses & Training

  • INSEAD Leading for results executive training 
  • IMD high performance leadership course by George Kohlrieser 
  • ALL Shell technical training on material, inspection, corrosion, pipeline etc. Penspen Specialized pipeline integrity training 
  • PDO Contract management contract ownership certification CSWIP 3.2 - Senior Welding Inspector Lead Auditor 
  • CSWIP 3.1 - Welding Inspector 
  • British Gas Coating Inspector II 
  • Certified according to A.S.N.T. SNT-TC- 1A Practice in the following methods: Ultrasonic Testing Level II, Radiographic Testing Level II, Magnetic Particle Testing Level II, Dye Penetrant Testing Level II

Skills & Competencies: Excellent leadership, communication, interpersonal & analytical skills. A strong innovative team player with the ability to work in highly demanding environments. Achieved Mastery level in Material Selection, Specification and Fabrications, Corrosion Control System Design, Corrosion Monitoring & Corrosion Systems and Material Corrosion & Inspection. Conversant with various National/International Codes and standards viz. IS, ASME, ANSI B31.3, ASME B31G and 31.4, ASTM, BS, API, NACE, SHELL DEP, ASTM Specifications.  

Qualification: Higher National Diploma – Material Fabrication & welding Technology, Derby College of Further Education, Derby, UK

Accreditations in welding, inspection, NDT & pipeline integrity 

Place of Domicile: Izki, Interior Governance

Work preference & Max. distance to work site from domicile: On-line/Physical up to 200Km

DoB: 1962


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