The category of "HSE" is a wide range of activities, including but not limited to Documents updates, New documents development, Process safety management, Personnel Safety, Incident investigation, Risk Assessments etc. The SP will have the capabilities to do more than whist’s mentioned under this category. For more details, please click the on the SP name above.

  • Category: Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)
  • Est. Regist./Booking Time: 00:05 Hours
  • Address: Muscat, Oman (Map)

Service / Consultation Fee (OMR/HOUR):60



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Name:  K.A.A 62ea209a27a94

Main Focus Area: The SP in the "Health, Safety & Environment - HSE" category will have the capabilities to work on establishing and administering assurance plan, development of HSE policies, objectives, strategies, plans, initiatives, standards and procedures, documents updates, new documents development, HSSE in projects, Process safety management, Personnel Safety, Incident investigation, Risk Assessments, Health Risk Assessment, Emergency Response, Leading Heath, Safety and Environment Audits, Management of Change (MOC), environmental study, waste management handling and and pest control, road safety, coaching of staff to Manage HSE, maintenance of portable fire equipment and basic fire fighting training. 

Existing type of employment: Self-employed

Number of years since last employed: 2

Existing / Previous Job Management Level: Supervisory Role

Professional Experience: 30 years in energy sector of the oil & gas industry (PDO) spread between Maintenance & Production operations management, Health Safety and Environment (HSE) management, and Learning & Development as Lean Coach. With more focus on Road safety consultancy mainly on driver's behavior. 

 In summary this includes but not limited to;

  • Facilitate/Coach rapid Continuous Improvement (CI) events (Kaizen blitz) and train team members in Lean principles, tools and CI fundamental
  • Utilize statistical analysis of road accidents and IVMS data to identify and report key focus areas.
  • Support managing HSE training excellence process, including presentation materials.
  • Training and Awareness Builder - LEAN Coach
  • On the job training and coaching of staff to Manage HSE
  • Tripod support for serious accidents.
  • Conducting road safety audits and reviews in liaison with the Road Safety Standards Body.
  • Provide maintenance discipline expertise and support to the Maintenance team
  • Provide input to maintenance strategy

During the time in the HSE organization, a 2 days course in Leadership Behavior Skills was developed to close some gaps related to Leadership Behavior Skills. The gaps were identified during the Road Safety Show with different organizations and companies.

Skills & Competencies

  • LEAN coach and CI process implementation
  • Oil & Gas industry Operations management
  • HSE Leadership skills and behaviors coaching
  • HSE management system - Road safety driver's behavior
  • HSE training & awareness
  • Training, development and coaching
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Influencing and motivation
  • Foster team work

Qualification: HND in Engineering Management. BTEC, National Certificate in Instrumentation (UK)

Place of Domicile: IZKI

Work preference & Max. distance to work site from domicile: On-line/Physical up to 200Km

 DoB: 1972


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