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  • Est. Regist./Booking Time: 00:05 Hours
  • Address: Muscat, Oman (Map)

Service / Consultation Fee (OMR/HOUR):Free



As an SME / Consultant (Service Provider);

  • Do you have some spare time?
  • Are you looking to work more flexible?
  • Is In-Country Value (ICV) one of your priorities?
  • Are you ready to invest and share your knowledge and work experience with your customers and the rest of the community?
  • Do you want to enjoy work-life balance time mode?
  • Are you looking for additional source of income to support your living?

Registration Guidelines

  • Click the "REGISTER/BOOK" button
  • Fill the registration form
  • Press the "SUBMITT" button
  • A notification email will be sent to you to confirm your order


TAF has also given the importance to graduates of universities & higher colleges and to be part of its initiatives. We invite and encourage clients, owners of companies, enterprises and service sectors to take these young people and give them the opportunity to prove themselves and improve their skills, and then engage them in the labor market whenever the opportunity arises.

Registration Process

  • Registration of a professional Service Provider (SP) is simple and only few fields are required to be filled.
  • It is a life-time registration and there is no expiration date.
  • There are no monthly or annual fees for being registered.
  • To prove the commitment of the SP application, TAF charges a one-time registration fee equivalent to the hourly rate of the SP as indicated in the registration form (e.g. for a SP with OMR5 per hour that would be OMR5).
  • There is no extra charges for any turnover commissions! TAF charges a one-time fee equivalent to the double of the hourly rate of the SP for each introduction.
  • The SP registration fee is paid once an introduction assignment is identified.
  • The SP and the client must come to an agreement regarding the full fees (comprising both Registration and Introduction fees).
  • TAF will make its best efforts to get an introduction assignment to SPs from the clients.
  • After paying the full fee there is no commissions for project follow up.
  • Optionally, work samples and a portrait picture can be uploaded.
  • SPs can always update, pause or delete their profile for free.
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